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Super Marbo!

An original

Super Marbo

A strange new take on the classic Super Mario Bros. for the NES

Starting back in 2018..

A new Project of mine was to take form. I wanted to recreate the entirety of Super Mario Bros. for the NES, it was discontinued after a few weeks. After a year or so however while I was making my "Old Projects" video, I was reintroduced to Super Marbo and decided to take it up and continue working on it.

Version 0.1.1

Shortly after starting work once more on the project on the 4th of October 2019, I exported this version. Consisting of basic features and a (nearly) complete 1st level and castle-pallete couterpart.

There's not much to be said about this version, it fits right under "Bare minimum". There's two levels, one is the original 1-1 level (without an invisible 1-up), and the second is the same level, but using a castle pallete.

Sound effects and music are present, as well as mushrooms, stars, and fire-flowers for power ups.

Super Marbo - 17MB

Version 0.1.2

5 Days later, Super Marbo 0.1.2 was released. One of the major additions with this update is a full release of World 1. Apart from that and a whole set of new entities, there wasn't much changed.

The window is resizeable, the 1-up was finally added, and a few more tiles were implemented in. But the biggest set of smaller additions goes to the new set of entities. Including Piranha plants, firebars, platforms, textEntities, toad, and bowser. Bowser being the most complicated, with his flames that he shoots.

After completing 1-4, bowser drops and Toad says the classic line: "Thank you mario! But our Princess is in another castle!", and the game crashes.

Super Marbo - 18MB

Version 0.1.3

On the 20th of the same October, the entire recreation was finished. Every level from 1-1 to 8-4, with the exception of -1, and other "Minus levels". A few new entities were also introduced.

Warp zones are used to speed the players journey through the game, from 1-2 to worlds 2, 3 and 4, but also from 4-2 to worlds 5, 6, 7, and 8. Resizing was tweaked to make the canvas scale correctly. Platforms were tweaked, and powerups were slightly tweaked as well

For entities, Podobos, tweaked platforms, Princess Toadstool, Koopa Collision and red paratroopas. Physics were also patched to fit the SMB NES classic physics

Super Marbo - 18MB

Version 0.1.4

On the 11th of November the same year, many interesting new additions were added into Super Marbo. First of which, was a full title screen with an options 'menu'. This worked with the player entering a pipe in the main "Title world". There's a second pipe in the Title world that leads to a coop server setup where you can start, or join, a server.

The options available include Screen Scroll toggling, Time Limit toggling, Life Limit toggling, and NSMB Toggling. As for NSMB Toggling, Animations were improved with the NSMB option. With this option, NSMB based NES style animations will be used instead of the actual classic NES animations.

Coop Multiplayer was added in 0.1.4, the way to get connected with someone, includes setting an IP address in "serverAddress.txt" (or put 'localhost' there instead). Then the host must hit the "Start Server" button in the Co-op options pipe. Anyone willing to join the started server, must toggle the "Join Server" button with the correct IP address in "serverAddress.txt" (or 'localhost').

The last main addition is the final GUI to the game, matching the original SMB GUI almost 1-1

Super Marbo - 19MB

Basic LevelMaker edit

In order to make all 32 levels, I designed an edit to the Arvopia 0.8 LevelMaker. With all the tools found in the 0.8 level creator, but with Marbo Entities, and Marbo Tiles and other Marbo based settings.