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Welcome to the site!

A resource for Arvopia and other projects


Who are you?

I'm Zander Gall, a young-yet-aging tech nerd who's focused on programming. I have a whole host of projects that anyone can take a look at.

What do you do?

Like I said above, I spend my time programming, but I also make music and should be making videos.

How do you do that?

I program using tools like IntelliJ IDEA (Java), and Sublime Text. For making music I use, FL Studio.

Why do you do that?

I started on Khanacademy when I was homeschooled. I had found their Coding lessons and I got hooked and made a few projects over there. I had also used Scratch to make a few projects before I moved on to Java where I began to learn serious code. At first, obviously I wasn't very good, but I still wanted to make something big. So I started work on a little game called "Arvopia."


What's Arvopia?

Arvopia was my first big project way back in November 2017. It was a little sandbox-esque game, with some survival and RPG elements. It didn't get very far content wise, but it taught me a lot about Java, coding in general, and the game making process. If you would like to see the full history and more information, you can read more on it here.

When is it going to continue?

Arvopia was developed through a series of updates, but for the time being it is on pause while I focus on my main education, and develop my skills as a programmer before I consider picking it up again. If I do pick it up, Arvopia will almost certainly be reworked in C++, a huge change to make, but it would be best to completely rewrite it from scratch anyways.

Other projects

What else do you work on?

I have a whole host of projects available to look at from my homepage as well as by looking through the list of projects and resources you can find in the menu that you can open at the top-right corner. I make games, little tools and programs. I also have a few online JavaScript things you can check out on my 'funsies page'