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Solar Glyphs 0.1

Solar system simulation made for a school project. Everything is rendered as Glyphs, and there are just a few planets
998KB - 5/6/20

Solar Glyphs 0.2

Finished, with many moons added, graphics and performance improved, better gui, and information about every single celestial being that exists (in Solar Glyphs)
2MB - 5/19/20


Cellular Automata Simulation of Langton's Ant
1,159kb - 5/22/20

Vector Fields

A particle simulation that gives you eye candy. Lots of fun to play around with
10mb - 9/6/19

Super Marbo 0.1.1

A basic game of mario, physics are slightly off and there's only two levels. The second of which, is just the first with a different pallete
17mb - 10/4/19

Super Marbo 0.1.2

All levels from world 1 are present. Still a little off from the original, but it's gotten there better
18mb - 10/9/19

Super Marbo 0.1.3

All levels from every world. Feels like the actual Super Mario Bros.
18mb - 10/20/19

Super Marbo 0.1.4

Everything from SMB and more! You can toggle locked screen scrolling, life limit, time limit, and switch to NSMB mode and use multiplayer
19mb - 11/15/19


Made for the Scorespace May Gamejam in 72 hours. You play as a little plant guy who places "schutes" to climb to higher places. You're able to place them on the ground, a wall, or even on other vines!
5mb - 5/7/19

Fallen Mine

Made for the Scorespace March Gamejam in 72 hours. A game where you jump from platform to platform to avoid getting burnt. Also with the nice addition of fireballs falling from the cieling
4mb - 3/5/19

Map Coder

Encode and Decode Minecraft Maps from and to PNGs!
83kb - 8/18/19

Normal Buddy

Make and preview Normal Maps from textures
38kb - 4/27/19

Arvopia Animator

Used for making animations for Arvopia 0.8. Can be used in mods, however there is no documentation yet.
865kb - 4/27/19

Trading Design

Another modding tool to create interective NPCs. NAME will be the player's name, ~end~ ends the conversation, and "Trader name" will be the name of the variable, so no characters aside from A-Z and 0-9
625kb - 3/12/19

If you're looking for more littler projects to play, check out the funsies page