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Arvopia 0.2!

Bridges and foxes with a side o' lag

Version 0.2

Released 4 days after 0.1, "Platformer 0.2" had not added too much in content. Bridges and foxes are the most noticeable difference, however items, clouds, and particles were included.

Like 0.1, bugs were prevalent in Arvopia 0.2. The jumping bug that prevented players from jumping full height was still in the game. But more notably, there would be a lag spike everytime a fox, or group of foxes, were spawned.

(Broken fox ai)

Players were able to kill entities in this version. Foxes, bees, and butterflies could be clicked if you managed to click them. And stones and flowers would drop metal and petals that the player could pick up by clicking on them. This would then show on the top of the screen, on a little make-shift GUI that also showed lives.

As mentioned before, bridges and foxes were introduced. The foxes weren't very smart creatures, but they were the first added that didn't have the ability to fly. Aside from foxes, bridges would become an important tile to the game, although in 0.2 they were completely solid, instead of the semi-solid version used today.

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