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Arvopia 0.1!

The Stone Age of Arvopia!

Version 0.1

Started back in November of 2017, Arvopia started under the name, "Platformer". I was making it while following a tutorial online of how to make a video game in Java, which I stopped following after releasing this version.

Arvopia 0.1 was then compiled, and released on March 2nd, 2018 so that I could show my friends. I ended up starting a YouTube series on it, (which got discontinued) and let anyone download it from that video's description.

As it was the first version, and I was a new programmer to Java, this release came with a few bugs. One that came and stayed until release 0.4, was a jumping glitch that prevented the player from jumping full height if they didn't wait on the ground for more than a frame.

I enjoyed making "Platformer" enough that I decided to continue working on it. I took suggestions from friends and siblings to see what I should add to the game for my second release.

Download Arvopia


Next Version: 0.2